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Employing evidence-based approaches, I work with clients using mindfulness practice, Somatic Experiencing™ and other psychodynamic modalities to develop resilience, release trauma from the body, and reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety and shame that inhibit many people from feeling fully alive and embracing their own path.

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is for those seeking greater resilience and the ability to be with life challenges without being overwhelmed by them. It is also aimed at enriching relationships and bringing greater ease and honesty into everyday life. The focus may be on patterns of shame, anxiety, depression, anger, or numbness. While the past is significant in the process, my work focuses on the way issues show up in present time, including in sessions between client and therapist. Together, we become more aware of habitual patterns, the nervous system is allowed to process these safely, and there is thus more freedom in the present. 

50-minute sessions are $230.

 See FAQ page for more information.

Relationship Counseling

Finding or deepening authentic relationship means having the security and space with one another to be open, grow together, and learn from conflict without being afraid of it. In relationship counseling we explore the emotional states that come up with intimate partners in whatever constellation you are living in or aspire to. My work with clients focuses on taking ownership of one's role in relationship patterns, practicing honest and engaged communication, understanding and working through attachment styles, and developing and practicing new strategies to connect authentically and honestly.

I generally recommend 75-minute sessions for relationship work.

75-minute sessions are $320.

 See FAQ page for more information.


Together with two other therapists, I offer supervision for associates working toward their licensure as Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Social Workers in a private practice setting serving teens, adults, and relationships. We offer individual, triadic, and group supervision with a focus on psychodynamic, depth, emotionally focused therapies, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, with specific skills in EMDR, somatic therapy, and including ketamine and other holistic orientations. 

Supervision is one of the richest part of our education at all levels of development. Our focus is on professional development, but also providing a supportive, structured, and interactive engagement with other therapists and supervisors with a range of skills and experience. It's a wonderful community and we welcome new members!

 Please contact me for more information.

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